vendredi 30 septembre 2011

Silence - Mad Civilization

                                  Genre: Neo-Crust
                                    Pays: Pologne

1. Last Shelter

2. Against The Wall

3. Suffering

4. Life's Scenario

5. Mad Civilization

6. Hunting Season 

7. Tears Of Humiliation 

8. In A Tunnel Without End 

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Ives - Abandon (2010)

      Genre: Black Metal/ Raw Punk

                     Pays: USA

1. The Taste of Severity 

2. Burning the Incense, Amanita Virosa

3. Lost in the Pleasures of Moonlight  

4. Abandon

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Leech - Against Leviathan (2007)

                    Genre: Cascadian Black Metal/Blackened Folk/Doom Metal
                                                      Pays: USA

1. At Once, Our Home Was Overcome By a Roar Which Tore Through Our Hearts, Silencing the Wind and the Quiet Songs of the Birds; We Realised What We Had Lost, and Began to Call to Her.

2. Chained to the Ghost of a Lie, We Blindly Stumble Toward Our Death, Stopping Occasionally to Kick (But Never Question) the Rotted Carcass At Our Feet Which Slows Our Pace.
3. True History of Mankind (Live)

4. A Long Forgotten Path (Live)

5. I Saw a Hole in the Man, Deep Lik

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jeudi 1 septembre 2011

Threnos - By blood and by Earth

                          Genre: Folk/Black Metal
                               Pays: Etats-Unis

1. The call
2. Sparks borne on the wind
3. The return
4. Adrift
5. By blood and by earth

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Wehmut - Wehmut (2008)

                                          Genre: Depressive Black Metal
                                                     Pays: Allemagne

1. Melancholie
2. Pathos
3. Trostlos wartend
4. Ableben

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Kronet - First Seal demo (2004)

                                        Genre: Depressive Black Metal
                                                       Pays: Suede

1. Intro
2. The Forest Leads My Path
3. Ta Ditt Liv
4. Abstract Sadness Of The Cosmic Energy
5. Outro

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